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Stocking Distributor - Republic Doors & Frames

Supplier of Republic Doors & Frames for the Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin
Supplier of Republic Doors & Frames for the Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin

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Included within RHS Commercial Doors & Hardware comprehensive product selection are high quality steel doors and frames from Republic Door. Maker of “the best door in the Industry,” Republic is a founding member of the Steel Door Institute and has been in business since 1930. Republic’s primary products are high strength cold rolled or galvannealed steel doors with construction flexibility. Along with their innovative frame designs, Republic is able to create a door solution for your unique dimensional and architectural requirements. Republic also offers specialty doors featuring rated fire resistance; bullet-proofing, lead linings, acoustic control, and modular “stick” setups for large doorways. Through the Republic products provided by RHS Commercial Doors and Hardware, you will find the necessary solutions for your entry and egress needs.

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Republic Doors

  • Broad range of varied designed to meet your architectural needs
  • 20, 18, 16, & 14 gauge cold rolled and galvannealed steel
  • Strength-adding ¾” honeycomb core
  • All doors cleaned and phosphatized to resist corrosion and provide good paint adhesion
  • Options for fireproofing up to 3hr rating – certified by Underwriters Labs and Warnock Hersey
  • Optional polyurethane, polystyrene, fiberboard, and steel cores available for weight and temperature response adjustments

Republic Frames

  • Masonry (ME) and drywall (MH) varieties, both meeting ANSI standards
  • ME frames formed from 16, 14, & 12 gauge cold rolled and galvannealed steel. MH frames formed from 16 or 14 gauge cold rolled and galvannealed steel
  • Aligning tabs and slots for simpler installation
  • Available with folded or welded & ground seams
  • Hinge and strike reinforcement plates on specific models

Republic Door Frame Stick Solutions

  • "Sticks" are rigid steel frame components used to assemble a doorway out of an oversized opening, such as the end of a hallway
  • Allow fabrication of very complex entrance fronts with flexible door placement – limitless design freedom
  • Constructed from 16, 14, or 12 gauge cold rolled steel or A60 galvannealed steel
  • Interface with frames and doors to create a high quality steel doorway

Republic Fire Rated Doors

  • 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" thick labeled doors and frames to meet all requirements for fire protection
  • Doors provide safe egress and property protection as well as impeding the spread of fire and smoke
  • Fire ratings up to 3hr
  • All fire-rated doors produced under Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock Hersey/ITS factory inspection
  • Ceramic glass and specialized coatings allow for fire-rated windowed doors

Republic Specialty Doors

  • Acoustic – Cold rolled or A60 galvannealed steel door with proprietary core to suppress sound transmission
  • Bullet-proof – Cold rolled or A60 galvannealed steel door with 8 levels of bullet resistance through core strengthening
  • Hurricane – specialized high strength doors with size and hardware configurations approved by the state of Florida for hurricane scenarios
  • Lead Lined – offers special protection for X-ray room and radiation applications
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